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Agility Solution handles all your agility trial secretary needs.  The database is organized in chronologic fashion, mirroring the order in which your work has to be done.  All the database functions are easy to use.  Trial set-up can all be done from one screen.  Trial entry input is quick and simple with the Exhibitor / Dog Entry and Trial Entry screens.  Armbands, confirmation letters, running orders, catalogs, and scribesheets print at the click of a button.  Summary reports for entries and financial details help you track the trial status.  Computer scoring screens are straightforward and easy to read -- critical during the sometimes frantic pace of a trial.  Marked catalogs, result sheets and ribbon labels can be printed as you go or at the trial's end.

Venues included:  AKC and UKC.

Sample shots (similar forms for UKC):

   Main Screen

   Trial Information Screen

   Exhibitor / Dog Entry Screen

   AKC Trial Entry Screen

   AKC Score Form (by dog)

   AKC Score Form (by jump)

   Marked catalog (AKC)



Price: $250, includes updates, support and import of existing exhibitor/dog information for 2 years.
Continued support available at $25/year.